People Power

Capcorp people have a proven track record for delivering commercial construction projects for institutional, government and corporate clients and adding value by:

  • Completing projects on or ahead of time;
  • Exceeding quality expectations;
  • Mitigating construction risks;
  • Industry leading HSE compliance;
  • Achieving zero industrial relations lost time;
  • Pricing competitively; and
  • Maintaining a professional and committed workforce

Why Our People Exemplify The Best

Insider pride – the building block of a great company. We share our people’s goals and align our targets with their objectives-we are always in this together.

Motivation – we don’t need to motivate our people, they are proud to be part of our team-they take ownership in all tasks.

Visionary – led by a visionary team, Capcorp executives have a shared sense of purpose and are empowered to effect change.


Capcorp is committed to sustainability principles. We respect our environment and harness the skills of our people and technology to best serve the broader community. Through our constructions we aim to improve quality of life and liveability for those that may work or live in these environments. We expect and promote good corporate citizenship and ethical behaviour from our executive, staff, suppliers and contractors.

Capcorp’s commitment to sustainability means managing environmental, social and economic risks and responsibilities and capitalising on opportunities to deliver sustainable outcomes for the benefit of our stakeholders and the broader community.


Goodwin Aged Care Services Limited contracted Capcorp group to build our newest Residential Aged Care Facility at Monash (David Harper House) in the Australian Capital Territory.

I am pleased to advise that this facility was not only constructed on time and budget but is considered our “flagship” residential care facility, offering residents quality, comfort and value for money.

As Chief Executive Officer, I congratulate Mr Don Capezio and his team for his work in building David Harper House, Canberra’s best residential care facility.

Chris Lamont
CEO, Goodwin Aged Care Services Ltd.