Our Philosophy

People, Quality, IntegrityCapcorp believe in people and quality before profits-it’s quite selfish really-we know from experience that if our people are doing great work-our clients reap the rewards, and they in turn will reward us appropriately. Personal responsibility, individual ownership and a willingness to show initiative are attributes we support and expect from our people.

All our employees follow our Code of Conduct. We have a commitment to upholding health and safety in the workplace, we believe in honesty and integrity in our relationships, we respect our peers, we strive to deliver excellent and innovative solutions to our clients and we are committed to a sustainable future. We’re passionate about making a measurable and positive impact in all we do and we don’t tolerate mediocrity. We enjoy what we do and to us it’s really important to leave a positive impression in the footprint we create.

discover the 10 reasons that make us better value than our competitors

  1. 1

    1. Scalability and Reach

    We are versatile, we can approach many different types of building projects and we can adapt quickly to changing client needs
  2. 2

    2. Tailored Approach

    We are outcome focused – we work toward agreed and established deliverables and we get it done.
  3. 3

    3. Assurance

    At Capcorp you deal with decision makers – team leaders who take responsibility and are empowered and trained to make decisions quickly. These people invest time in gaining an in-depth understanding and appreciation of you and your project so they can anticipate on your behalf.
  4. 4

    4. Reliability

    Your projects are our projects so we understand the importance of time, accuracy and reliability.
  5. 5

    5. Client Service

    We are passionate and practical about what we do – we avoid jargon and technical speak. We don’t over complicate matters and blow out the task.
  6. 6

    6. Quality

    We are Quality-driven. We understand true quality because it is part of our culture. Our traditions and background are all about quality know-how.
  7. 7

    7. Resources

    We have highly experienced and qualified people in our teams. We are well connected to local trade resources and we enjoy a sound financial structure
  8. 8

    8. Reputation

    Our reputation is based on delivering high quality, consistently. To do this we employ and train our own people. You can trust our word.
  9. 9

    9. Culture

    Capcorp was borne from three generations of family involvement ~ our culture is grounded in strong family values ~ we only build developments that we would be proud to live and work in. We know our reputation is established from our work.
  10. 10

    10. Value

    Value is much more than just price ~ our value is articulated through our unique collective offering of building development and construction expertise, experience and excellence. Capcorp seeks to add value to development, design and construction processes by drawing on the right blend of creativity and our own project experience to ensure optimal risk management and quality control.

Don exudes the joy of working with you and this is reflected in his team and the end result

Colin Stewart
Director Colin Stewart Architects